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This is my very first experience with a Accupuncturist .I wasn’t afraid to venture because I was tired of being in pain.l have been dealing with lower back pain for over 25 years.I have a Buldging disc,deteriorating disc ,sciatic pain in my left leg,bursitis in my right hip,and suffer with fibromyalgia. After my second visit I walked out pain free.I mentioned to him on my second visit that I was stressed out as well so he immediately went to work on this issue as well .I kid you not .I fell asleep snoring on the table with needles everywhere head to toe.There is no pain in the procedure mostly a pinch and not even that.I am amazed at how quickly the relief came.I am able to move freely, walk more, and sleep in all positions!Dr David has truly given me quality of life back.!! I recommend him to anyone suffering with anything. He is worth the cost which is not much compared to price of one prescription medication. He is the real deal.

carla walker (Google Reviews)

David was amazing! He truly knows exactly what he is doing.
It was my very first time ever trying Acupuncture and I chose this place solely for the reviews. I decided to try myself after suffering two herniated disk in my spine due to a terrible accident. I was in immense pain, I couldn’t even do something as simple as showering without crying from the pain. I had been going to the chiropractor for 3 months and I genuinely felt like the chiropractor was making my injuries worse. Once I stumbled upon this place I was pleased that only after a few sessions I began feeling like myself again , with no pain, and finally got back to my normal life! I recommend 100% !

Cynthia Cruz (Google Reviews)

I struggle with many kinds of pain and Austin Chinese Acupuncture is working along side my neurosurgeon and they are the best. I wasn’t sure it would work but my pain levels went down starting in the session! I was hurting so badly around a 7 and left at a 2! I even fell asleep! I will be going back for sessions weekly and if you are in pain I recommend this wonderful office to you as well!

Shantee Goeman (Google Reviews)

Doctor David is very patient and he takes his time to listen to your issues and try to devise the best path forward. He is extremely knowledgeable and, over the course of 5 visits, has pretty much eliminated some major pain I was having in my upper back. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in acupuncture.

Sean Rudman (Google Reviews)

Amazing! I tried acupuncture for the first time after a motor vehicle accident that left me with neck and back pain. Dr. David is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and kind. His clinic is also very clean. At my first visit he took his time to explain everything he was doing and answered all my questions. He is extremely skilled and pays attention to all the details. I have found all my visits to be painless and relaxing. Although my goal was to relieve pain post car accident, I found that acupuncture in general is also helping me maintain my overall physical and mental health. I also tried out cupping for the first time here as well which was also fantastic! If you’re looking for a professional who provides phenomenal results, is reasonably priced and genuinely invested in making you feel better, then look no further! I will definitely continue coming back for life! Thank you so much, Dr. David!

Elaine S (Google Reviews)

Professional, pristine cleanliness, incredible knowledge base. I had cervical spine surgery and the level of relief I am getting from his acupuncture plan is amazing. I am regaining range of motion and am able to swim. Thank you thank you!

Charlynn Yonikas (Google Reviews)

I have 4 herniated disks in my neck and was experiencing near constant moderate pain. I’ve tried multiple traditional medical treatments for the pain, but none have worked long term. My pain was gone after Dr. David’s first treatment. I go for 2 treatments per week and I’m experiencing the best pain relief in 15 years. After 6 treatments, I’m pain free close to 100% of the time and have a greater range of movement. Thank you Dr. David!

Nathan Weiss (Google Reviews)

David is one of the kindest and understanding therapists of any field that I’ve visited. I had been experiencing pain on my scalp on the back of my head for more than ten years. It was an annoyance at worst for most of that time, but lately it’s gotten to where I can’t even sleep on my left side, even lean on my left while on the couch. I visited my neurologist, as well as my GP and after several tests and medication attempts nothing worked.

My wife then got me a groupon for 3 sessions of acupuncture and in those three sessions David was able to reduce the pain tremendously to where before my treatment I couldn’t even touch the hair in that area due to the horrible pain and now I barely notice it. Even after just the first session, there was a huge improvement. I have always relied on western medicine my whole life and am a strong advocate for all things science but rather than accept that nothing would work, I gave David a try and I’m so so happy I did.

He’s as kind a soul as you’ll ever meet and take it from someone who walked in without any bias but with an open mind. However one might choose to explain the reasons behind it’s efficacy, it works. And if you’re willing to give it a try, David is the person to see.

Shahe Deirmendjian (Google Reviews)

I have had 4 or 5 professional acupuncturists and david is by far the most talented I have had. I have had MS muscle spasms for years and they were gone after a few treatments. He uses a combination of modalities…cupping, the needles, electric stimulation. He also helped with bowel problems and arthritic pain of my knee that was supposed to be replaced but surgery delayed by covid. My general energy and sleep patterns have improved and I would say from my past experience that it totally enhanced and speeded up my recovery from an acute attack of multiple sclerosis.

Hannah Van Wormer (Google Reviews)

Prior to my first consultation, I had severe neck and upper back pains after an incident that was making it difficult for me to even get out of bed. I attended 3 sessions with this clinic within 2 weeks, and here is my recovery process:

Day 0-1: Pre-treatment: pain level 9, difficulty getting out of bed, limited neck movement (cannot turn head left or right, <30° range of motion). Cannot stand for more than 5 minutes.
Strong pain medications required.

Day 2: Treatment 1: Pain level reduced from 9 to 5. Neck range of motion improved (up to 45° each side). Needle application: indirect sites (arms, legs, scalp)

Day 3-4: Interlude: Much more restful nighttime sleeps. Able to get out of bed with reduced pain. Neck slowly loosening.

Day 5: Treatment 2: Pain level reduced from 5 to 2. Neck range of motion 70% restored (still have some stiffness when reaching the left and right). Needle application: direct sites (neck, upper back)

Day 6-9: Interlude: Pain levels reducing overall. Range of motion recovering. Pain medication was terminated at this point.

Day 10: Treatment 3: Pain level reduced from 2 to 1. Neck range of motion 90% restored (can fully rotate, but slightly stiff at extremes). He detected a little bit of stiffness in upper spine. Needle application: indirect sites (arms, legs, scalp).

Excellent bed side manner: very patient and thorough. Gentle with application of needles, and sensitive to the client’s pain levels and reactions throughout the process. Reasonable costs for treatment. Thank you for treating me.

David Lee (Google Reviews)

Absolutely amazing. Every time I leave I’m in pure bliss. Usually fixes any pain immediately in visit one. Dr. Hsiao is a healer, peaceful and a amazing person!

Chelsea Thompson (Google Reviews)

David was a very nice gentleman! He explained everything extensively and took great care during the treatment. He took the time after to make sure I was okay and to explain in detail all the possible after effects. The fact that my pain went from an 8 to a 1 is fantastic in my eyes. Still feel so much better even though he said I may be sore. Highly recommend going! Super clean shop and relaxing atmosphere.

Colleen (Groupon Reviews)

I recommend Austin Chinese acupuncture, specially David, he is a great person and he is always willing to help. I have been struggling with mid and lower back pain for the longest time, I went to several chiropractors and after several trials the pain was still there. I explained my problem to David and with just one session he got rid of my pain. I will continue to go back to ACA to treat other areas. If you are considering going to an acupuncturist, I would highly recommend ACA and David of course. Great work David!!!

Josue Claudio (Google Reviews)

I am very happy to finally have tried the Chinese Acupuncture. After my daughter tried many times to encourage me to go try it out, I finally did. I am not gonna lie that I was a little nervous and scared of what to expect. But after my first session my knees felt much better and as I finished my second session I felt no pain at all. I definitely recommend Chinese Acupuncure.

Gloria Hernandez (Google Reviews)

My first experience with acupuncture and I would highly recommend. I had been experiencing lower leg pain for years, and I experienced pain relief within just a few sessions. He is very considerate and helpful. I would definitely return for other pain relief treatments.

Stephanie M Ritter (Google Reviews)

David is awesome! He’s personable, pleasant, and knowledgeable. My treatment with him has greatly left my lower back in a much better state, thereby allowing me to take to lift weights as I desire. Thank you David for all you have done!

Edwin Brown (Google Reviews)

Doctor David and his treatment is great my experience was good. His office and equipment was clean his level and knowledge of experience is very high and he is definitely a specialist in his practice! I would most definitely recommend this Doctor if you are in pain as he was able to restore my left shoulder. His session are affordable and he does have package deals as well.

Isaiah 1566144 Love (Google Reviews)

Very pleased with my treatments with David. He is awesome, and very personable. He listens to your description of the pained area, and always makes sure that you are comfortable, as he explains every procedure he administers.

jerry steward (Google Reviews)

My experience was great! I went in and asked to focus on my back and neck pain. Mufan was so kind and accommodating to all my needs. He kept making sure I was getting the care I needed. Asked very specific questions about my pain. I would highly recommend and am definitely going back! I felt relief in my back and neck within hours.

Kassandra (Groupon Reviews)

Thanks to Austin Chinese Acupuncture clinic I was healed! I injured my back and was in a lot of pain and not able to move around much or drive, even sleeping was a big problem. I felt horrible. I found the clinic and started seeing David for treatment. After a few sessions he helped healed my back. I was able to regain movement, better sleep and was able to start driving again. I don’t know what I would have done without this treatment. Thank you so much David for your help and attention. You are truly a great healer!

L Trevizo (Google Reviews)

Dr. David H. was as thorough as they come. He Explained Every detail of the procedure as well as his background education and experience and I really felt so much relief from the pain I was enduring. You can tell He truly enjoys his craft. I’ll be back!

Teri Fulcher (Google Reviews)

We’ve been to different Acupuncture places. This place by far is the best! Danny went way above and beyond to relieve my husbands arthritis/carper tunnel pain! We recommend this place!

Emily G (Google Reviews)

David is an amazing and well educated acupuncturists he really know lots of information. I highly recommend this place very clean, affordable and like I side very educated. He has helped me so much with my trigger finger and carpal tunnel.

Rosie Mendieta (Google Reviews)

I have been experiencing pain from Plantar fasciitis for months now and getting little relief from physical therapy, meds, custom insoles, etc. In addition, I’ve had ankle pain and swelling. Decided to try acupuncture and am happy I did. I’ve had several visits here so far and it’s definitely helped. Pain is much reduced and swelling is going down. I have also been wearing a support brace when I’m on my feet and keeping my feet at 90 degrees when I’m sleeping – this along w/ the acupuncture has yielded some of the best results so far!
The practitioner here, David, has been an absolute gem. He’s a true professional who is also kind, patient, extremely thorough, and very knowledgeable. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience here and am I’m so grateful for the pain relief. I plan on continuing my treatment here.

Jaimi Shepperd (Google Reviews)

I have worked at the restaurant since 1989. My lower back and both of my ankles hurt due to prolonged walking on the floor. I had been seen at least four different acupuncturists in the past, but nothing seemed to work. The prices they charged was exorbitant, and at one of them I even paid up to $100 per visit. A friend of mine recommended Dr. David to me. His charge is more affordable to me. I have had 6 treatments so far and my pain had gradually diminished. I am glad I went to see him.
To sum up, the clinic is very clean, and Dr. David is extremely patient and attentive. If you ever need acupuncture as an alternative for relieving any pain, I highly recommend Austin Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. On top of that, the fee is inexpensive for the services you will get.

Ah Lee (Google Reviews)

Very nice bedside manner, had procedure and improvement was immediate! May need additional appts, which is understandable! Relief in pain in head from fall is worth it!!

Tommie (Groupon Reviews)

Great service and Dr. David is very accommodating. Treatment has been very effective with my husband’s shoulder pain.

C. Arias (Google Reviews)

First experience with acupuncture, my daughter went for right elbow, hand and finger pain and within mins of the needles being applied she was pain free. Additionally, the only needles applied were on her left arm, leg and foot. Would def recommend.

Marissa (Groupon Reviews)

This was my first experience with acupuncture.  It wasn’t painful at all and David was so KIND and made sure that I was comfortable.  Surprisingly my issues were lessened and I am not experiencing the tightness in my neck and shoulder that I have been for so long.  I HIGHLY recommend this place!

Erica G. (Yelp Reviews)

Had a treatment from David for menstrual pain before. Got immediate relief after just one treatment. Highly recommend!

Iris Wu (Google Reviews)

I have had acupuncture serval times but this was my first time at Austin Chinese Acupuncture. I am beyond impressed. If you’ve new or seasoned to acupuncture I highly recommend going here. I have back pain and I left feeling light as a feather. I was given 5 star treatment!!! Thank you so much!!

LELONI (Groupon Reviews)

David was very professional; educated me on the process before beginning; and ensured I was comfortable throughout the treatment. David treated me for multiple ailments at one time: allergies, smoking cessation, head aches, and leg pain. As a result of his treatment my leg pain has subsided, which was my main reason for seeking acupuncture. I will definitely be coming back for routine health maintenance!

J (Groupon Reviews)

Went for lower back pain, will see if it works. But immediate response – very happy. Very professional and positive experience.

Jason (Groupon Reviews)

Dr. David is very professional. I have severe lower back pain and see him a few times. Each time after my treatment my lower back will feel relief and reduce in pain and pressure. Thanks to him I feel worry free in the event that my lower back pain comes back. His cost of treatment is also very reasonable compare to other places that I frequent.

Zheng Xing Chai (Google Reviews)

David is a great acupuncturist. He did a great job with helping me fix a lot injuries that I had going on. I go to the gym 5x a week so sometimes I can tweak something. I love acupuncture and it has helped me out tremendously.

Javier Ramirez

I have had issues with my shoulder and neck for years and I have bought every gadget, massage tool etc to try and fix it. I have seen multiple physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, sports rehab doctors, neurologists and gen practitioners seeking help. The only person who has ever given me complete relief is Dr David. The needles can be scary at first but you get used to them after a while and when you see and feel the results it is soo worth it. I implore anyone who has any issue before considering surgery or giving up try Dr David he is meticulous and takes the time to understand every inch of your pain and will target not only the pain but overall well being. I am so lucky to have met him and you will be too. Just hope he doesn’t get too busy. He is a life saver. Thanks Dr David I appreciate you very much. May you have great success.

Kim Sian (Yelp Reviews)

My mother has been suffering from knee pain for several years. She has gone to several places for treatment, however this clinic has been the only one with success in relieving her pain. Following 2 visits, she says that her knees feel much better and that walking is much easier. Highly recommend seeking treatment here !

Quan Tran (Google Reviews)

David is excellent! I found his $10 deal on groupon and thought it was probably too good to be true, right? Nope! Full consultation and session, for indeed exactly the price listed on groupon. I felt bad for paying so little money for the amount of time and care given to me, but it was exactly what I needed after missing a lot of work due to neck injury and depression. He was incredibly thorough, attentive, knowledgeable and caring. Even went as far as to put muscle soothing oil on my neck and shoulders and give me a little massage after he took out the needles. Such a kind man, who truly cares about helping others to heal.
And I felt so much better afterwards. I was very aware of the energy flowing very differently through my body, as well as being much more relaxed and at ease, with my pain diminished significantly.
David, if you are reading this, thank you so very much for taking such great care of me! I hope I am able to come back soon!

Laura Messick (Google Reviews)

From my own experience, I would say that Dr. David is a very thorough and attentive acupuncturist who puts his upmost effort in tending to the needs of his patients. Recently, I have been suffering from temoporomandibular joint dysfunction and sought acupuncture as a possible remedy. Just from a few visits to the clinic, I’ve experienced great relief and alleviation in the areas surrounding my TMJ due to Dr. David’s amazing work.

The treatment and overall process is quite relaxing as well. He assures that his patients are comfortable within the setting and that they experience minimal pain from the needles. Furthermore, the prices are fairly good for the amount of attention and treatment you receive.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is experiencing some form of physical or mental discomfort to come see Dr. David.

Jeff Huynh (Google Reviews)

Service was great! Dr.David treated my chronic back pain as well as my wrist pain.. facility is small but still manages to be a relaxing environment, would highly recommend and return.

Basilio (Groupon Reviews)

Service was great! Dr.David treated my chronic back pain as well as my wrist pain.. facility is small but still manages to be a relaxing environment, would highly recommend and return.

Josh Yang (Google Reviews)

David was awesome, I had pain relief almost immediately. He even made time for me even though I didn’t have an appointment.

Abby F. (Yelp Reviews)

Wonderful experience – very calming atmosphere, my right shoulder was in a lot of pain but I was taken care of and It was probably one of the best acupuncture treatments I’ve had here in Austin! I will definitely be back 🙂

Brissa (Groupon Reviews)

Amazing place and great service that’s my first to do acupuncture for neck my back and shoulders and I feel relieved Thanks again and definitely see you soon

Dany (Groupon Reviews)

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