I come here for the weight lost management and is working… I am so happy because I am able to control my appetite

Olga Plazola (Google Reviews)

My husband and I tried several different acupuncturist over the years in Europe, Canada and in the US. The treatments were somewhat effective but the results were not satisfactory or sustainable. Here, the improvement was nearly immediate (after the 2nd session) for my husband who has been suffering from chronic iatrogenic conditions for nearly 25 years. He continues to make progress and the symptoms are being further reduced after each session with Mr. David. This is a breakthrough for us and a huge relief because we finally found the right practitioner who knows how to cure! My own health issues started after receiving the covid vaccine and would not resolve themselves, despite being told so by physicians. In fact, it was getting worse. After 6 sessions with Mr. David things are back to normal for me, which is also a huge relief because the alternative was to take synthetic hormones which I absolutely did not want to take, and needless to say, never needed in the first place before the vaccine. Mr. David is so kind, gentle and patient. The appointment is never rushed. He always asks question about the symptoms we are experiencing and listens carefully. His bedside manners are impeccable, the office is comfortable and spotless. Most importantly, the technique he is using seems to be different (more precise) than that of other acupuncturist we have seen before. Highly, highly recommended!

Sonia Dedesko (Google Reviews)

I love going here because I’m getting results! If you need to lose weight…try the weight management program!

Monée Phillips (Google Reviews)

My face was paralyzed due to nerve damage. And on the first session I was able to blink. I would definitely recommend this place because I was was able to recover face movements. He is nice, friendly, non-judgmental, and most importantly he really listens to you.

emmanuel sanchez (Google Reviews)

I found this place on Groupon and I’m so glad I did! David was very professional and had great bed side manner. He asked a lot of questions and was a great listener. He wore gloves, a mask and sanitized before & after the appt. I came in for gallbladder/acid reflux problems and the next day I felt 100% better!! No more acid reflux issues or side pains. I will def come back when I’m not feeling well again! Thanks David for healing me with your techniques!

Kacey D. (Yelp Reviews)

The office is simple & clean. The treatment rooms are very comfortable & Dr. David has been wonderful! I have two abscessed teeth That I’ve been working on with my dentist. Unfortunately the infection spread to my jaw and lymph node. Dr. David’s treatments have brought me so much relief, and are helping me to build up my immune system to be able to really kick this infection out of my body. I’ve been on antibiotics this whole time, but they are not really capable of killing the entire infection, only helping to get it under control. I believe Dr.David’s treatments are the only reason this scary infection hasn’t turned into a major health crisis. With his kindness, support and knowledge I know that I’ll be ok! I look forward to Getting some acupuncture from him again & I’m thrilled I found this place.

Ron Wilson (Google Reviews)

I’m a nutritionist and 100% recommend Dave.
I was worried at first but after my first treatment I already felt better
He goes the extra mile every single time… often he will give me much more and I feel like I should be paying him more!!!

I love him and will miss him so much when I move!

Stephanie Kuehne (Google Reviews)

I have been receiving chinese acupuncture on east coast & midwest over past 8 yrs, now was looking here in Austin since I just moved. I tried another place & didnt like it. Tried here ACA & LOVE it! Dr. David Hsaio was knowledgable, clean for COVID CDC Standards, professional, & made sure I was comfortable entire time. Im definitely returning & glad I found what i wanted here in Austin.

Delia Garcia (Google Reviews)

Mufan is an extraordinary human being. I am currently in treatment with him since fall of 2020. He is kind, compassionate, and generous with his time during treatment. I was NEVER made to feel rushed, or less than important during my time on his table. He is treating my areas of concern with such delicacy that I will be a return client Again and Again and Again. His technique is gentle, yet quite effective. I will shout out his name anytime someone discusses acupuncture with me and is looking for a practitioner. He is at the top of his game, and how very fortunate I am to have found this wonderful man who is honored to treat the human body.
A beautiful 5 STAR RATING INDEED!!!!!!!!
With gratitude,
謝謝 FK.

Francina Kochawattana (Google Reviews)

I first experienced individualized acupuncture therapy at Austin Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Clinic. David is very kind, takes his time to understand your health concerns, and is thorough in identifying the best treatment method for you. The office is very clean, yet comfortable. I would recommend David’s acupuncture treatments to anyone!

Meg (Google Reviews)

David Hsiao is an amazing professional, organized, very clean place.
He took care of me and made me feel way better already on the first session. Thank you!

Ligia Gomyde (Google Reviews)

It was my first acupuncture experience and David was very knowledgeable and patient to address all my concerns. I also purchased herbal allergy medicine from him that works wonders

Jana (Google Reviews)

Dr. Hsiao was very down to earth, professional, and accommodating. Office is super clean, and a great, warm experience. Dr. Hsiao really cares about his patients and their well being, not for his revenue but for your own sake. Highly recommend!

Carrie W. (Yelp Reviews)

Dr. David is wonderful acupuncturist and herbalist. He is honest, patient, and kind. He takes his time to address any of the problems you may be having and creates a plan of care to help overcome pain, aches, allergies, internal imbalances, facial imperfections, etc.
I’ve been seeing him for quite sometime and he is the best. He will not take advantage of you financially nor see you should you not need his assistance. I highly recommend him!
FYI, there is a waiting lobby with water or hot tea, and 3 treatment rooms that are well cleaned and sanitized after every patients session.

Londyn Cleary (Google Reviews)

First time trying acupuncture and I could not be happier! Dr.David Hsiao was absolutely the best. He was very knowledgeable and caring. He even shared a little bit of his professional background before starting, answered any questions or concerns and was so polite during the entire procedure.
During the session, there was sort of like an energy that flowed through my body… difficult to explain as I had never felt that before. I will definitely continue my sessions. Felt amazing!

Mayra Hernandez (Google Reviews)

Highly highly recommend. Always professional, everything is very clean, and the acupuncture really works wonders!

Lauren Salazar (Google Reviews)

I came in with extreme fatigue- for over a month I was getting 4ish good hours of brain time per day and was incredibly frustrated. After the first appointment, I felt like a fog had lifted, and I was up to 6ish good hours, after the second appointment, I’m up to 8 hours.
I’m endlessly grateful for the skill and care, and will continue to recommend to everyone I meet.

side note: he did tell me that 1 in 5 people may have no response to needle therapy, which I had never heard before and found interesting. So it if doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.

Bre lembitz (Google Reviews)

I highly recommend AUSTIN CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE!!!! He is the best at what he does and really gives you hope for improvement and I have nothing but good to say about him. He is willing to go directly to the problem with the placement of the needles. He has a quiet manner, professional, and doesn’t waste time. He does not make you wait. His office is comfortable and very clean

Monica Davis (Google Reviews)

I had my first appointment with Dr. Hsiao today and it was a wonderful experience!  He is so kind and made every effort to ensure my comfort.  I rarely write reviews, but I wanted to make sure to commend this quality service.  After reading the other reviews, it is clear that the level of care is consistent and impressive.  Dr. Hsiao is the real deal!  I am so glad to have found this practice and will definitely be a return client.

Katie B. (Yelp Reviews)

Very professional and high-quality services. David is passionate at his job ad will take the time to make sure you’re getting the best acupuncture treatment. Nice and relaxing office atmosphere. Highly recommended acupuncture professional in Austin!

Vo V. (Groupon Reviews)

I had my first acupuncture appointment ever and was very pleased with my visit. Dr. David Hsiao was knowledgeable, caring, professional and explained the process thoroughly. I felt all my needs were addressed. He continually made sure I was alright and explained what was happening every step of the way. The location is convenient, in a safe location, the office is spotless, very clean, tastefully decorated, and is an extremely relaxing environment.  I highly recommend David. If you have stress, pain etc. make an appointment today!

Juanita J. (Yelp Reviews)

This has helped me so much. I don’t know where I would be without it. They take such good care of you. I will keep coming back. Love this place.

kristina kilborn (Google Reviews)

This was my second treatment and it was amazing. The treatment of relief is what I am looking for and the result is so worth it. I would highly recommended Dr. David for everyone who wants to look for acupuncture treatment.

PHUNG (Groupon Reviews)

I have been going to acupuncture for years. It took me some time to find somebody I really trust and enjoy the company of since moving from New York City. This establishment and his knowledge is certainly on point. He is a master.

Aaron (Groupon Reviews)

Dr. Hsiao is very knowledgeable and took a lot of time with me. He is sincerely concerned about his patients comfort and well being. Check out his education and credentials on Yelp. I was impressed and will start seeing him weekly

Carolyn R. (Yelp Reviews)

Best acupuncturist I have ever had the privilege of seeing. I would go as far as to say best in USA and China. Dr David is very meticulous and has an incredible depth of knowledge on the body and in nutrition. I highly recommend him. Even if you have no major ailments get your body energy aligned but if you do have any issues especially long standing – don’t think about it, just see him. It will be life changing. Don’t forget to ask about his programs.

Kim (Groupon Reviews)

I totally recommend Dr. David! He has helped me so much and have understand my needs, I’m very much thankful that I have meant him! He’s the best!

Ines (Groupon Reviews)

David is amazing! Very professional, understanding of your needs.

Diana N (Google Reviews)

I really recommend David as an acupuncturist. He is very caring and explains everything he does to make you feel comfortable. I appreciate the time he took to listen. He also give useful recommendations post session which was greatly appreciated.

Pauline Sevilla (Google Reviews)

Great provider that took time to explain what was being done and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Frank (Groupon Reviews)

Very helpful and attentive. I filled out the intake form and he read it and asked questions and clearly explained his approach. Afterwards he explained the range of expected after care experiences and made sure I understood. Definitely seeing again.

Michael (Groupon Reviews)

Natalie (Groupon Reviews)

Very well clean, David was very professional, friendly and has a lot of knowledge in acupuncture. Thank you for being my first acupuncture. I truly enjoyed it. I would recommend you to all my friends and family.

Karen (Groupon Reviews)

Was very impressed! Very professional and great bedside manners. Informative and so helpful. The office was so clean and serene. Great experience!

Angela (Groupon Reviews)

I totally recommend Dr. David! He has helped me so much and have understand my needs, I’m very much thankful that I have meant him! He’s the best!

Kayla Nguyen (Google Reviews)

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