From my own experience, I feel Great and I would say that Dr. David is a very thorough and attentive acupuncturist who puts his upmost effort in tending to the needs of his patients. Recently, I was suffering a lot stress, heel pain, I have and amazing experience. I felt that I was in paradise. Super relaxed was wonderful. I recommend it and I am eager for my second therapy!!!

Queen (Groupon Reviews)

Me encanta! Desde que eh tenido mis sesiones de acupuntura me eh sentido super relax , duermo mejor y no siento estrés, quito mís dolores de cabeza,David Hsiaou te hace sentir relajado y en confianza, se los recomiendo

Caro Bazzaca (Google Reviews)

Best acupuncturist I have ever been to! Amazing at what he does and so nice to patients. Always checks up on you and family. I feel so relaxed after going and my symptoms have improved. 110% recommend

Katarina Piazzola (Google Reviews)

Amazing experience… It was my both mine and my husband’s first time getting acupuncture. Davide was thorough and explained everything that I was too expect. He even went into the history of the medicine..by the time I finished I had little to no pain…I felt so relaxed. I will definitely be going back.

Tyesha (Groupon Reviews)

I really enjoy this clinic! First of all, clinic is clean, quite, and easy to park up front. Whenever I come in, my experience is no different than a nice SPA day. I feel very peace and relaxed afterwards. Secondly, David is awesome! He is so attentive to you, thoughtful and kind to help you with whatever you need help with. I highly recommend this place to anyone who would like to try acupuncture!

I would definitely recommend anyone who is experiencing some form of physical or mental discomfort to come see Dr. David.

Wen & Eric (Google Reviews)

David was very informative on the process of acupuncture and how this practice came to be. He explained about each point of insertion, what I could possibly feel during insertion, and how the needles would work. It was a very relaxing and delightful experience. I can’t wait for my second treatment!

Flavia (Groupon Reviews)

This was my first session with accupuncuture. It was very relaxing. David was awesome! He was very kind, friendly and welcoming. He took time to explain the history and practice of accupuncuture. He also made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Definitely recommend!.

Jason (Groupon Reviews)

This was the 2nd time I have gotten acupuncture in my life and this has by-far been the best experience. The facility was incredibly clean and welcoming and so was the incredible Acupuncturist Mufan Hsiao. He told me the history of acupuncture and explained what he would be doing concisely but with great detail. He made sure I was comfortable and I honestly cannot remember the last time i felt that relaxed. I was able to meditate while i rested with the needles.

Julia (Groupon Reviews)

Katie (Groupon Reviews)

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