I had called a few Acupuncture places before I found this place and I am so grateful I found Austin Chinese Acupuncture! The office is so clean, quite and relaxing. I was looking for the best Facial Cosmetic Accupuncture because I read all the benefits of rebuilding college, tightening of the skin and the brightness it brings back to your face. I was extremely nervous because I have never done accupuncture much less a facial accupuncture. He is certified to do cosmetic facial accupuncture and that made me feel even more at ease. Dr. David explained everything in detail from step 1 until the end of procedure. He made me feel so comfortable, relaxed and he is extremely knowledgeable in his practice. There was no bruising or pain during or after the procedure. I already see a big difference on the bags under my eyes and tightning of my of skin. The needles cause small micro trauma without bruising causing the skin to build collagen and reproduce. I just completed my 2nd treatment and can’t wait for my next treatments. It’s a true destresser with a facials combined but works from the inside outward, if that makes any sense. Its the best thing I’ve done for myself in many years! You gotta go see him! Plus it was a bonus, he has the best prices in town.

Debbie Sanchez (Google Reviews)

David is highly professional.  He has always been respectful, punctual, and he has a very kind demeanor. His facial rejuvenation program helped my skin feel tighter and fuller. He is a joy to know!

J Stanton (Reviews from email)

David is the most amazing acupuncturist I have met. He has full of knowledges of his skills and be able to answer all questions you want to know. I went to him for back pain at first, it took only 2 visits to get rid of the pain. Then I found out he does facial acupuncture so I decided to give a try. I had it done for 10 sessions, I have noticed some fine wrinkles were gone and I have better facial circulation,like rosy cheeks. David was really put into his heart to do the job

Chelsey Yang (Google Reviews)

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