David is highly professional.  He has always been respectful, punctual, and he has a very kind demeanor. His facial rejuvenation program helped my skin feel tighter and fuller. He is a joy to know!

J Stanton

David is the most amazing acupuncturist I have met. He has full of knowledges of his skills and be able to answer all questions you want to know. I went to him for back pain at first, it took only 2 visits to get rid of the pain. Then I found out he does facial acupuncture so I decided to give a try. I had it done for 10 sessions, I have noticed some fine wrinkles were gone and I have better facial circulation,like rosy cheeks. David was really put into his heart to do the job.


Pain Conditions

Great service. Clean, punctual and friendly staff. I had a pain in my back for years, it was gone after 2 sessions

Dulce J.

Highly recommend. I had hip and back pains after rigorous tree removal. Dropped in and walked out relieved.

Terry Lee

Dr. David is very professional. I have severe lower back pain and see him a few times. Each time after my treatment my lower back will feel relief and reduce in pain and pressure. Thanks to him I feel worry free in the event that my lower back pain comes back. His cost of treatment is also very reasonable compare to other places that I frequent.

Zheng Xing Chai

David is a great acupuncturist. He did a great job with helping me fix a lot injuries that I had going on. I go to the gym 5x a week so sometimes I can tweak something. I love acupuncture and it has helped me out tremendously.

Javier Ramirez

Dr David is incredibly detail oriented and the best acupuncturist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Every visit he gives his undivided attention and you never feel rushed. Dr David has a superior knowledge and will go the extra mile to make sure you get the healing you need.

I normally have more than 50 needles and cupping after. I’ve struggled with neck and shoulder pain for many years and have tried almost everything, but have not had great results till now.

I only hesitated to leave a review because, Dr David will get too busy once people know how good he is and that the first session is only $10, but as a small business owner myself, I know how tough it can be to market yourself and run your business, I want him to be very successful and it all starts with reviews and word of mouth.

Thank you Dr David for helping me and my hubby

Kim Sian

My mother has been suffering from knee pain for several years. She has gone to several places for treatment, however this clinic has been the only one with success in relieving her pain. Following 2 visits, she says that her knees feel much better and that walking is much easier. Highly recommend seeking treatment here !

Quan Tran


From my own experience, I would say that Dr. David is a very thorough and attentive acupuncturist who puts his upmost effort in tending to the needs of his patients. Recently, I have been suffering from temoporomandibular joint dysfunction and sought acupuncture as a possible remedy. Just from a few visits to the clinic, I’ve experienced great relief and alleviation in the areas surrounding my TMJ due to Dr. David’s amazing work.

The treatment and overall process is quite relaxing as well. He assures that his patients are comfortable within the setting and that they experience minimal pain from the needles. Furthermore, the prices are fairly good for the amount of attention and treatment you receive.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is experiencing some form of physical or mental discomfort to come see Dr. David.

Jeff Huynh

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